Ski area

La Norma and Eski-Mo ski area

La Norma is on a North-West orientation, has a good amount of snow (production of artificial snow) and is carefully maintained. It guarantees good skiing conditions until the end of the season.

Dominated by its peak (2,917m), La Norma offers 700 hectares of ski slopes; stretching from an altitude of 1,350m to 2,750m. There are 65 km of ski runs:

La Norma's ski area

13 ski lifts:
1 Gondola
5 Chair lifts
6 Snow lifts
1 Rope lift

27 ski runs:
2 Blacks - expert terrain
11 Reds - most difficult terrain
7 Blues - more difficult terrain
7 Greens - easiest terrain

And also:
1 snowpark
1 boarder cross
1 slalom stadium
1 sledge run
1 snow garden
1 run with lighting facilities
2 picnic rooms
121 snowmaking guns
3 webcams

La Norma is part of the Eski-Mo ski resorts! 1 ski pass = 5 ski resorts & 300 km of ski runs. Discover the other ski resorts' trail maps:

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